Directly Forming To Square ERW Tube Mill

TDG Series Directly Forming to Square and Rectangular Tube Mill

Our TDG series Tube Mill only use one set of rollers can be continuously produced within a certain range of rectangular steel pipe, using the international advanced multi-radius combination molding process and high-frequency welding, forming by multi-channel symmetrical bending. It can be divided into small side bending, boardside bending, free bending at closed side, high frequency welding, finishing straightening, produce the exact size and good quality pipe after sawing.Pipe&Tube Mill line diameter range from φ50*50mm toφ600*600mm ,Wall thickness range from 1.5-22.0mm.

 All these size tubes are produced with large output, best quality and high precision.Our customized machines are also can be used for different processed material and meet nearly all applications.

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