TDG120-200 Directly Forming To Square ERW Tube Mill
More than 45 years manufacturing experience,TBS Equipment provides complete ERW welding solutions for tube and pipe manufacturer to ensure the final products in perfect quality.
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More than 45 years of professional manufacturing experience, WUXI TBS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD have been one of the leading manufacturer in China,mainly specialize in ERW Tube&Pipe Mill Line, Slitting Line, Cut To Length Line, etc.

Throughout many decades team efforts for improvement of superior product quality and pursuit of advanced technology, we have widely won high praise from domestic and overseas customer.

We always keep strong faith in “Thinking for what customer think”.
Our mission: “Customized Technical Support,Most Cost-Effective Commerical Solution,High Performace Machine Supply,Reliable Service After-Sales”

TDG Series Directly Forming to Square and Rectangular Tube Mill
Only one set of rollers can be continuously produced within a certain range of rectangular steel pipe, using the international advanced multi-radius combination molding process and high-frequency welding, forming by multi-channel symmetrical bending. It can be divided into small side bending, boardside bending, free bending at closed side, high frequency welding, precision straightening, produce the exact size and good quality pipe after cut off.

·One set mold roller can produces a range of rectangular tubes.
·This machine has characteristics such as no replace spindle, no remove roller stand and quick change rollers.
·Save mold, save time.
·Four square corner deformation part which can save extra deformation process then save energy consumption and equipment load.

Specification of Directly Forming to Square and Rectangular Tube Mill





- Material to be processed

Carbon Steel, strip coils of weld able grade with max. 0.2% carbon

Carbon Steel, strip coils of weld able grade with max. 0.2% carbon

Carbon Steel, strip coils of weld able grade with max. 0.2% carbon

- Type

Square & Rectangular tube

Square & Rectangular tube

Square & Rectangular tube


60 x 60 – 120 x 120 mm

70 x 70 – 150 x 150 mm

80 x 80 – 200 x 200 mm


60 x 80 –100 x 140 mm

60 x 80 –100 x 200 mm

80 x 100 –150 x 200 mm

- Wall thickness

1.5 mm – 5.0 mm

2.0 mm – 6.0 mm

2.0 mm – 8.0 mm

- Tube length

6.0 m - 12.0 m

6.0 m - 12.0 m

6.0 m - 12.0 m

- Line Speed

Max. 45m/min

Max. 40 m/min

Max. 40 m/min

- Welding Method

Solid State High Frequency Welding

Solid State High Frequency Welding

Solid State High Frequency Welding

- Forming Method

Directly Forming to Square and Rectangular tube

Directly Forming to Square and Rectangular tube

Directly Forming to Square and Rectangular tube

Finished Products

Product (steel tube) Process Flow:

Raw material (steel coil) → uncoiling → shearing and end welding → material accumulating → non-power leveling → mill-forming → high-frequency welding → removing burrs outside of weld seam → cooling → sizing → roughly straightening → fixed length cutting → finishing tube

Our TDG series Directly Forming To Square Welded Pipe&Tube Line adopt advanced technology of roller forming and High Frequency Welding that could continuously produce big size tube range from 50 x50 x1.5mm to 600x600x20mm.

For Max tube size 600x600x20 we create new innovation for cold roller forming industry especially for producing heavyduty square and rectangle tube  in our domestic China.This tube mill are compose of forming part,welding guide,5 squeeze welding roller,double working position scraper,grinding roller,size,transmmision part and cooling tank.

Its characteristics:

1. Large and small edge molding, using online electric adjustment  when changing tube specifications, roller adopt horizontal axial movement without replace the roller.

2. “Directly into the square” process adopts the world's most advanced multi point prebend composite forming process. Adopt Composite roll,forming period of roll designed according to principle: the arc length turn to be radius. One set of roll can produce  square tube 100×100∽600×600, rectangular tube100∽600, the thickness of 6 to 20 mm which all products within the scope can share, it can be cut down the cost of roller and roller change time

3. forming section adopts down forming method, which can effectively reduce the tensile deformation of edge, benefit for the production of the thin-wall tube, ensure the quality of the product.

4.For  design of this mill  it increased 2 independent rollers in the bottom, which can reduce the scratch and roller abrasion, fast and quick and easy to adjust.

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